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141 Audio Snake Issues

Show recorded on 16 Feb 2015.

Presented by Scott Hewitt , Samuel Freeman and Adam Jansch .

The start of a live sound installation series.

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and in plunder, Ardour Tips and Tricks.

In this series I intend to discuss the process when considering the requirements of an audio installation into either a new or existing space. In part 1 its all about the client.

Client expertise and expectations.

While may people may advise starting with expectations I would suggest a better starting point is to establish the level of expertise the client has. This maybe in the form of all ready present staff, volunteers or previous consultations. Doing so enables you to make a number of key observations about the client which will effect your understanding of their expectations.

Understanding client expertise will help to quantify subjective quality statements and also enable you to quickly consider on-sight maintenance and operation expertise. Additionally such an enquiry may prompt the client to identify under used internal resources who are likely to offer valuable insight to the process.

Once client expertise is clarified client expectations can be explored to enable specifying and quoting. Expectations to establish could be;

  • Quality of output
  • Budget
  • Staffing
  • Solution lifespan
  • Install security

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